Friday I’m lovesick

In nursing the Poet these past few days through a nasty bout of bronchitis, I managed to contract something that makes me cough half as much as she does, yet sound immeasurably worse while doing so. My first thought was to sleep long enough that I woke up feeling great. Sadly, the rest-can-cure-all-things-except-internal-bleeding course of treatment has not worked since my twenties. And really, who had time for such self-indulgences? And then I thought: ingest copious amounts of over the counter medication, the sort of cold and severe cough blend that suppress all the symptoms, so I may continue with my busy schedule. Yes, yes. Very busy. Of course the local drug store had an answer. But then I remembered the magic OTC compounds contained chemicals which made me feel like I trampolined on rainbows while wearing moon boots. Plus the liquid inside the plastic bottle either tasted like an alcoholics recreation of cherry licorice or a flavor that a chemist can only describe as blue. So now I'm thinking I don't know, maybe I could just...go to a doctor.

One day in October

Out of over 2.9 million e-books available on Amazon, for one day in October, THE LAST TRACK was the most downloaded. KAPOW! number-one             And the next morning, went to work and set up my bosses iPhone6 plus which refused to read the backup file from the old phone until I issued a formal declaration of war. After hours, tended to a sick Poet by providing her generous portions of hot wonton soup and candy. In between coughing fits, she slumbers, thanks to a liberal does of severe cold and cough syrup, and the time periods between coughs seems to be widening. Now back to my Scrivener project file.  Gotta finish book number next.

A good day out

I'll let the numbers do the talking, for once. Let's just say some promotions work, and some work far better than ever expected. That Last Track #1 Thrillers kindle-best-sellers-thriller-1                   #3 in Mystery kindle-best-seller-mystery-3                   And #6 in Kindle Store kindle-best-seller-6                   Off for a run, before it gets too dark.

Final thoughts or first days

This was my final email to colleagues at the boarding school where I worked for seven years.
Hey Tech Guy, I see there's some cake in the Main kitchen. It looks pretty good. Can I have some?  Yes, please do. It's good. So, you're leaving. Yes. Today is my last day. Any last thoughts? Only that it's been a true honor working at (xxxxxxx) the last seven years and 1 month, and that I wish everyone personally, and the school specifically, the best in all future endeavors. A number of years ago I was on the Victory Chimes, which is the 3 mast ram schooner pictured on the back of the Maine quarter. One night during a conversation with the first mate, I asked how it was working a ship with such a distinguished history. To paraphrase his answer: "The neat thing about working on this ship, is that these old woods absorb energy. Metal reflects it, but wood absorbs. So in a way, there's a tiny piece of every person that ever sailed on it. And that's the real history that makes me so proud to be a part of the crew. It's about the people who came before, and what I learned from them and what I can learn and share with those who will walk these decks in the future. Sometimes late at night, when it's still on the water and the wind lies down, you can almost feel that energy." Which is a lot like (xxxxxxx). (xxxxxxx) is almost over for me now, but what I will remember are the people who care so much about the school and what it's about, and no matter how hard it gets, keep pushing through. Because they want to. Because to them it's the right thing to do. Because they have a chance to make things better. Whatever the reason, the people who work here have done just that. Everyone here, in one way or another, has made some part of the school better. Maybe sometime on campus, you might see what I see in (xxxxxxx): the very best in the people who came before, the best in the people who are here now, and the faith that those who follow who will bring their best, too. And the wind lies down . . . - Tech Guy
Two days after hitting the send button, I started work at Princeton University.