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Who is Writer Guy?
For seven years Sam Hilliard served as the IT Director at an all-girls boarding school, where he learned world class drama first hand, as well as the proper role of martial arts in secondary education and the need for a very strong deadbolt on his office door. Currently he lives at an undisclosed location in New Jersey with his wife and Cat Army. On the long dark nights, he works on the sequel to The Last Track, which despite allowing the manuscript sufficient breathing space at times, is not, in fact, writing itself. He also works at Princeton University.
Hey Sam, can you help me get published? If you write formula fiction, mysteries or thrillers and are comfortable with that designation, my publisher is taking queries. Buddhapuss Ink LLC - Submission Guidelines My novel or short story collection is being published in the next three to six months. Will you blurb it for me? Sure. Turn around time is eight weeks from receiving the finished bound book or Advanced Reading Copy. Please send an email request first ( before sending the bound book ) so I can set aside a block of time for reading and blurbing it. What if my book comes from a small press or micro-press? Will you still blurb it? Yes. In terms of total market share, small press now eclipses the traditional publishing distribution channels. Besides, I've rarely been one for convention anyway. Blurbs are cool, but what about a longer review service style write-up? If I really, really like your book, I could be persuaded. Did I mention, I like money? Just kidding. Can I send you an unpublished short story or novel that I'm working on for feedback? If you think your project is good enough to send to me for feedback, it probably is good enough to send to an agent, editor or publisher. Going direct often proves the best path. NOTE: The rest of this page is legal beagle stuff. What's your privacy policy? I ( Sam Hilliard ) do not share information collected from the site with any third parties, with the exception of a select subset of site usage metrics. The web usage metrics that may be shared do not include your IP address or any other identifying information about your computer, browser type, geographic location, or Internet Service Provider. In short, I might disclose how many hits/visits received to an interested third party. Otherwise, don't sweat it. And cookies? The site ( ) uses cookies for authentication purposes, thus discouraging spammers. Otherwise cookies are meant to be shared or eaten. Who owns this stuff at All content unless explicitly noted otherwise is copyright to me, Sam Hilliard for the years 2003-2014. At times I share anecdotes based on life experiences. Any similarity to actual persons--living or dead--is unintentional, and no parallels or references are implied or should be inferred. Likewise, opinions expressed on the site are solely my own and do not reflect the opinions of any past, present or future employer, publishing house, lawyer or literary agent. I make no identifying references regarding any employer, past, present or future on this site, and none should be inferred. Comments that appear after blog entries are the property of the respective posters. I ( Sam Hilliard ) am not responsible for the content of the comments, or references to outside sites or materials and makes no warranty or guarantee about the information posted. I reserve the right to modify or remove any comments posted at any time without notice. Can I link to you? I encourage linking, but reserve the right to refuse referrals from any referrer at my sole discretion. Neither I nor the site operators, successors and heirs have control over third party links, and neither endorse nor condemn the content of said links. I make no guarantee about the quality, content or accessibility of the site at any time. No other guarantees are implied, stated or should be assumed. What about third party ads? There are no plans at this time to accept, solicit or display ads from third parties. In seven years, there have been no third party ads. Future developments may cause changes to this policy. Generally, in my house, I pimp my stuff. When do updates happen? Here's the schedule of updates to the site: 1) Entries - 1x per per week. This statement is made with the understanding that it is best effort. Events may arise that are beyond my control such as issues with my internet connection, issues with my PC, Mac, smartphone, Acts of God, issues with my web hosting company, issues with the internet at large including congestion, and personal or family issues. I have a comment. Wanna hear or read it? I welcome any and all comments about, including suggestions about the content, layout and presentation. Please use links provided on the contact page. I'll do my best to respond promptly. Last Revision: October 17, 2014