Editor person where are you? – Part II

Via Rogue lackey I heard that Editor person did not enjoy yesterday's entry. Was it something I blogged? Rogue Lackey: That was not a very nice blog you wrote yesterday. sam: it all comes down to conflict, I just went with the tension in the situation. Rogue Lackey: I'll give you something to conflict! sam: Come on lackey, take it easy. Rogue Lackey: You've been a very cheeky little boy in this blog lately. sam: I'm 31. When do I graduate to just plain cheeky? Rogue Lackey: When you stop with this cheekiness. sam: So I'm not going to be able to grow out of this. Rogue Lackey: I think the time has come for me to Equalize the situation. sam: Which means? Rogue Lackey: I leave that for you to figure out. Rogue Lackey did one of those pregnant pause things and hung up. I'm going to go check the locks on my door now.

Lackey this!

Editor person at last came through with the needed revisions ( draft four, revision two ). Only they were in Chicago, so I was stuck dealing with their rogue lackey. Rogue lackey greeted me at the door, with a scowl and this note.
To: sam
From : editor person
Subject: edit done - on sideboard in kitchen
Message : see subject

sam : I'll just get my pages and be on my way. rogue lackey : They said give you the note. sam( presenting note ): Right. And the note says the pages are done. rouge lackey: It says on sideboard in kitchen.. sam: Can I have my pages please? The lackey retreated, returning moments later with a large manila envelope labeled edits for sam and passed it to me. I opened the envelope to reveal the revised pages. I thanked the rogue lackey. sam: Thanks rogue lackey. Rogue lackey took a swipe at me but I backpedaled and ran for my car. They stood little chance against a man on a mission...