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"THE LAST TRACK is an exciting adventure and mystery, highly recommended."

Midwest Book Review

". . . Brody is such a riveting character that he could easily anchor an entire series."

Mystery Scene Magazine

"THE LAST TRACK is a tightly scripted, fast paced mystery / thriller with enough technical insights and plot twists to please the most ardent and critical fans of this genre. Mike Brody is an enigmatic character well worth following on future tracks!"

Wayne E. Martin, RCMP Superintendent, (Ret '09)

". . . with all the panache of a seasoned, gripping suspense writer, new author Sam Hilliard scores a direct hit with this book . . . I actually saw myself there and felt the angst . . . recommended for all lovers of mystery and suspense novels."

D. Previte - Bookish Dame

"It’s clear that both Sam Hilliard and Mike Brody have very bright futures ahead of them."

Elizabeth A. White @ Musings of An All Purpose Monkey

“ . . . kept guessing throughout this whole novel on who was really the good/bad guy . . . this one can appeal to a wide audience including, suspense, thriller, and mystery fans alike."

Kris @ The Cajun Book Lady

"Fans of the thriller genre, give Mr. Hilliard's debut novel a try."

Denise Powers @ Fresh Fiction

"Mystery buffs will especially appreciate the detailed tracking and the unexpected surprises."

Martha @ Martha's Bookshelf

"Try as you might . . . you won't figure this one out . . . this reader ( is ) ready for a sequel."

GMR @ Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers

"The momentum built and built and built until the last page; and the ending is satisfying, but begs for another Mike Brody adventure."

Linda Strickland @ Amazon

". . . a fast paced action-thriller and Mike Brody (is) a first-class tracker."

S. Ackerman @ Amazon

"THE LAST TRACK should definitely appeal to readers who enjoy their suspense to be informative and action-packed."

Jeremy Warach @

“ . . . you aren't going to want to put it down!"

Teresa @ Teresa's Reading Corner

“ . . . Mr. Hilliard does a wonderful job with characters and plot making this a fast and enjoyable read."

Crystal @ My Reading Room

"I look forward to seeing what is in store for Mike in the future."

Heather @ Proud Book Nerd

"Filled with interesting real-world characters and laced with a tangled web of lies, deceit, treachery and greed THE LAST TRACK will ensnare your imagination and keep you turning pages hunting for clues and eager to learn what happens next!"

E.J. Stevens, author From The Shadows

"My only problem with this book is, now that I am finished, I have to wait for the next one to be published so I can see what is next for Mike Brody."

April Hanson @ Review The Book

"This is a great debut novel. I'm looking forward to more by this author."

Seize The Book / Carpe Libris

"This book is full of suspense and thrills that grab you from cover to cover."

Bridget @ Readaholic

"After reading the first paragraph of THE LAST TRACK by Sam Hillard, I knew it was the book for me. Hilliard’s style reminds me a bit of James Patterson, both intriguing and creative. His characters are well defined and powerful, he kept me guessing throughout the entire book."

Amanda Goossen @ Lit Fest Magazine

"I recommend THE LAST TRACK to anyone looking for a good mystery thriller and personally look forward to future Mike Brody mysteries."

Jennifer @ Rundpinne

“. . . wholeheartedly recommend this book to any and all who love suspense novels with a bit of the unusual and a lot of tension combined. Author Sam Hilliard has done all that and more and in my honest opinion, has a firm start to what could be an exciting series starring Mike Brody ahead!"

Susan Pettrone @ Review The Book

"Fast moving keeps your interest. Good suspense and mystery."

Karen @ GoodReads

"This story has a good pace and will keep you guessing right up to the twist at the end."

Darcia Helle @ GoodReads

"This is such a great read and apparently there are more to come . . . look out for the Mike Brody books!"

Donna ( Goodreads Librarian ) /

“. . . I love mystery books and this one is at the top of them . . . I plan on buying a couple (of ) copies as gifts for my friends and family."

Mick @ Amazon

“ . . . The story draws you in and doesn't let go . . . "

G. Burleigh @ Amazon

“ . . . I found THE LAST TRACK a fun and exciting adventure and I'm sure you will too."

Theresa Hurley @ Amazon

“ . . . does a great job of developing a suspenseful atmosphere that will have readers on the edge of their seats. This is a must read."

Michael Harrison @ Amazon

“ . . . I loved the way the author keeps you guessing never revealing his secrets until the last chapter. This book is perfect for any mystery or thriller aficionado."

Lonnie H @ Amazon

“ . . . ( I ) will be waiting for the next one."

DK @ DK's Book Reviews

"This is a great book to read on your vacation at the beach this coming summer! Or anywhere else for that matter. And I hope that there will be a Mike Brody Book #2 down the line!"

Elynn @ Goodreads

“ . . . loved the ending, especially the last line. I was sad when it was over . . . I certainly hope that THE LAST TRACK will not be the last book written by this talented author . . . I'm sure it will be great."

kristianwilder  @ Amazon

“ . . . Nothing stops the pages from turning. Like the best of Dan Brown and others, the action happens quickly in THE LAST TRACK . . . ( Mike Brody's ) different than John Sandford’s Lucas Davenport, Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, Harlan Coben’s Myron Bolitar and Jonathan Kellerman’s Alex Delaware. However, he’s got that same ’read me’ quality these others have and you’ll want to know more."

Jack Sheard @ Whatabook

“ . . .  I honestly had no idea which one did it until the final pages . . Hilliard has the ability to make a great author.  I am looking forward to reading more . . . "

Melissa Sheard @ Whatabook

"Believable, well-paced plot, likeable characters and solid suspense."

Margot Kinberg @ Twitter

"Will appeal to any thriller reader . . . highly entertaining and extremely hard to put down."

John A Dunay, Police Lieutenant (Ret. '06)

Police Advisor to the Dept. of Justice, Dinwanyah & Kurdistan, Iraq '08

“ . . . Often the downfall of a mystery is the simplicity with which it is built, making a story so predictable that it's hardly worth the effort of reading. But THE LAST TRACK manages to keep the reader guessing right up until the very last page by constantly presenting evidence against one person and simultaneously providing clear proof towards others. I won't spoil the mystery by admitting whether my initial suspect was the Big Bad or not because either way the ending was a delightful surprise; one that most certainly lends itself to a sequel."

Cyndy Otty ( GoodReads librarian )

"Captures the thrill of the chase and the fear of the unknown. This book will keep your reading lamp on in the wee hours of the night!"

Spc. Amanda Daigle, Jan-Dec '09, Kirkuk, Iraq

Purple Heart, Feb '09

"One of the best thrillers our book club has ever read. Chock full of unexpected twists and turns, this well-crafted mystery kept us guessing to the very last page. Hilliard knows how to build suspense and create compelling characters. We can’t wait to go on another adventure with Mike Brody!"

Revolution Reading Club

“ . . . couldn’t put it down . . . I will have to check out the next book in this series to see what kind of trouble Mike Brody will get into next."

Ivy ( Goodreads Librarian )

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